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Adoption is a beautiful act where by a family receives a child, of whom there is no biological relation and takes them in as their very own.   This child is then raised with the same tender-love and care as a biological child and in the process of time, there is virtually no difference between a biological child and an adopted child. Both the adopted child and the biological child are loved equally and are considered as members of the same family.  

This Section Includes:

a.) Advantages of Adoption 

b.) Challenges of Adoption 

c.) How to flow in Adoption 


Advantages of Adoption

1.)   Adoption is the process by which all of us came to be a part of Christ’s family.

For ye have not received the spirit of bondage...but ye have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry Abba Father.

-Romans 8:15

2.)   There is a special reward for anyone who adopts a child.

       I was a stranger and you took me in…

      - Matthew 25:35

3.)   Adoption of children also enables the couple to walk in the love of God and manifest this great love of God.

4.)   Adoption makes you feel normal in society.  Adoption reduces the stress that is placed on childless couples by family, friends and the society as a whole and the     couples do not appear to be deficient or lacking in any way.

5.)   Adopted children bring a lot of joy and happiness to their parents.  The  difference  between  the  parents’  lives  before  and  after  adoption  can  be  compared  to  the difference between night and day.

6.)  Adopting  children  removes  the  pain  and  stress  caused  by infertility and  the  medical challenges that couples experience during this period.

7.)   Adoption helps you to feel like a normal human being.  After adopting, you begin to feel that you are a normal woman/man, and a normal parent because you do have children just like every other couple.

8.)    Adoption  saves  you  the  trouble  of  going  through  pregnancy  and  labor  with   all  its attendant and potential risks, dangers and pain.


Challenges of Adoption 

1.) Finding a child to adopt is very difficult.  If you seek, you will find; so keep seeking and you will find eventually, that God has blessed you with a child.

2.) Convincing your family and friends to accept your decision. Overcome this by discussing the adoption with them and by being decisive.

3.) People may tell your child that he is not your real child. This could shock the child. You may overcome this, by telling the child yourself, at an early age.  You may say something like this: “I had no one to look after and to love, and you had no one to look after you. Because of this I took you in and loved you and you became my child.” This early information in a loving way will protect your child from growing up to receive shocks, since it is the surprise element that is destructive. As time goes on, the child may rather feel special to have been adopted.

4.) Your adoption may turn sour because the child may turn his back on you, or his family may show up or people may point out to the child that you are not his biological parents. But just as there are unfortunate stories, there are also success stories.


How to Flow in Adoption


1.) Find out where you may be able to get a child––e.g. an orphanage.

2.) Take the child into your home for a period of fostering.  As the bond develops, go ahead and do the legal work to ensure the child is legally adopted.

3.) Seek medical advice and choose a birth date for the child.

4.) Believe that this child is God’s blessing to your life.

5.) Be prepared to birth the child from your heart.

6.) Embrace the child wholeheartedly in the same way God embraces us.

7.) Provide nice things for the child within your means.

8.) Work on your extended family to accept your decision.

9.) Entreat them to accept the child, and not to refer to his/her heritage.

10.) Understand that every step in life involves risks.

11.) Celebrate your adopted child. Have parties and other celebrations for the child just as you would for any biological child.

Knowing that whatsoever good thing any man doeth, the same shall he receive of the Lord...

- Ephesians 6:8

 - from Model Marriage by Dag Heward-Mills - one of the best books on marriage counseling