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Sex & Intimacy

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Sex is beautiful, sex is holy in that God talks about sex.  The Bible has a lot to say about sex. Sex was created by God and not by the devil. Sex has been so misused and perverted by the devil and the world that, the impression has been created that sex is ugly and sinful. On the contrary, sex is God’s wonderful creation.  When practiced within the confines of God’s will, sex can only lead to more joy and peace in the marriage.

According to Jewish Rabbinical scholars when a husband and wife is engaged in the sexual act, the Lord is present in their midst. He places His right hand on the man and His left hand on the woman. He blesses them to be fruitful. From that blessing issues child, that is why it is written that “The fruit of the womb is His reward.” They also believe the Shekinah Glory of the Lord also rests upon them, and the tremendous energy between them can lead them very high to great levels of holiness and love. They further mention that when sex is done for the sake of heaven, there is nothing as holy and pure as it is. Also, there is no act of flesh and blood that compares with it, when done with pure intention and a pure and clean mind.

As such sexual intercourse can be very pleasurable and enjoyable to both men and women. However, it is an art that must be learnt and developed. Sex is not about scoring 10 out of 10 for your performance, it is about having fun with your partner and showing care. So couples should relax and be prepared to learn about a new world.

To achieve this, you should first have a loving and comfortable relationship.  In an atmosphere of love  and  trust,  you  are  free  to  shed  all  inhibitions  and  open  up  completely  to  your  partner emotionally.

Sex enhances the love between the husband and the wife. It brings couples close together. Most hard feelings melt during and after sex.

Why commit fornication when you can commit love?

Regular sex is a privilege for the born-again Christian couple. It is God’s gift to you, from the day you marry till your old age. Make use of this gift

Taken from one of the best books on marriage counseling,  Model Marriage by Dag Heward-Mills

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