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20 Best Books on Marriage

20 Best Books on Marriage


This is a must-have and must-read for every marriage. This book is a perfect manual for all couples and marriage counsellors.  It is a step-by-step problem-solving manual. It is a complete book on marriage because every aspect of marriage has been dealt with. If you have this book you need no other book on marriage. Every chapter is Biblically-based, properly illustrated and educative. Uncommon issues like "A step-home, In-laws and Temperaments" are addressed. This is marriage the way God intended it to be. We can go back to the garden of Eden through our interaction with this book.


Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is the founder of the Lighthouse Chapel International denomination. Lighthouse Chapel currently has over two thousand pastors and leaders. These pastors lead the growing Lighthouse Chapel International branches in various cities across the globe. As part of his discipleship-training program, millions of copies of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills' literature have been published in several languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian and printed in many countries. Millions of books have been printed and freely 'seeded' in nations around the world through the ministry of Dag Heward-Mills. Heward-Mills’ books are well known to convert ordinary Christians into fearless ministers of the Gospel. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is the founder of the Anagkazo Bible Schools, a full-time Bible school with several thousand students worldwide, aimed at inspiring others to ministry. Dag Heward-Mills’ programs are seen and heard domestically and internationally on the radio and television in several countries. Heward-Mills’ ministry continues to produce CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, books and other Christian resource material. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills’ ministry actively inspires and equips the body of Christ through the internet, videos, worldwide television and radio.



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Mason tries to uncover the mystery in the God-type of marriage in a very peculiar way by using the first person style. He looks at the mystery behind subjects like vows, intimacy, sex, submission and many more. This is truly a recommendation

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This Bible-based handbook is a starting point to a healthy marriage. It is a good tool to start with to give your marriage a solid start and it also comes in handy to help maintain your relationship and rescue you from a disastrous end. It's about having the kind of marriage where you can stand before God and say, 'Lord, I was all that You intended me to be.'

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The Christ-Centered Marriage shows couples how to draw upon God's promises to break free from old habits and patterns. As a result, husbands and wives will enjoy greater intimacy, joy and fulfillment in every area of their marriages. No matter how troubled or rocky your marriage might be, or how perfect it may look, The Christ-Centered Marriage provides the hidden keys for achieving long-lasting renewal and vitality in your relationship.

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Approaching marriage NOT from a "how to have a better marriage" perspective, but rather as a spiritual discipline, this book is designed to help us grow closer to God and deeper in our faith. The author brings to light that the focus in marriage should be perceived as a spiritual discipline not just for our happiness. Whether we experience blessings or difficulties we should use it as an opportunity to get closer to God.

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Previously published as “The Joy of Committed Love”, Smalley in this work points out the differences between a husband and wife and how they can work together in bringing about a fulfilling marriage. This is a combination of “If Only He Knew” and “For Better or For Best”, two of his previous works.

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If you are not excited about sex anymore in your marriage, this book is for you! This book will turn on the fire and passion you must have and enjoy in your sexual life. 

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It is easy to shrink because love has been abused. Love and respect are complimentary for any successful marriage. This must-read will fix all that had been broken in your marriage and propel you to a life God had designed for both the man and the woman.

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Why do you struggle when you can use quality time, gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service or physical touch to prune your love vine and remove the thorns. This book will decode the love languages for your exclusive enjoyment.

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Who said that after sixty you cannot enjoy sex as much as in your twenties? This book will salute and caress those unquenchable feelings for new innovative ways to enjoy your marital sex life according to God's plan.

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This book will show you the way to success with God's kind of love dominating all that you do especially in your marriage. If you love God the way you should you will love your spouse the way God intended.

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Is your marriage being destroyed by the philosophies of modern society? Have you consulted the original manual of marriage according to God's standard? The successful and fulfilling materials in this book will bring light into your bedroom and put your marriage on cruise control.

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Are the crises affecting your household skyrocketing? Are you obedient to God's word? This book will address homosexuality, sex, corporal punishment, singleness, divorce and remarriage as some of the issues plaguing homes of Christians.


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The book covers a wide range of issues - preparations towards marriage, communication, sexual intimacy, In-laws, childlessness and step children. With maturity and practical insight, the author has handled many sensitive matters concerning marriage.

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Pleasure and fulfillment can only be found in a marriage piloted by God. If you have hope and a desire to do God's will, this book will teach you how to create an oasis in your marriage for  ultimate success.

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The idea of what marriage should be according to the Bible is the best and only standard everyone, whether a novice or a veteran in marriage, should follow.  The teaching in this book will bring understanding that improve your marriage relationship by leaps and bounds.

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Have you ever wondered why Solomon was so passionate in his quest for romantic love? Did you know that great sex was God's idea? This book is pregnant with ideas to make you a champion lover according to God's standards with inferences extrapolated from Songs of Solomon.

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What is that secret desire of your wife that you are still struggling to meet? Do you need help to win back the heart of your wife? Many a man’s misconceptions about exercising Biblical authority will be addressed in this piece of writing.

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“Desperate housewives” longing for a deeper and more intimate connection with their husbands will find this book a treasure. Using real-life stories and personal examples, the authors offer Biblical insights about what it takes to avoid the common pitfalls wives are subject to and offer teachings on how to nurture a healthy marriage.
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The "Sexometer"

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Twice a day

Typical of a very, very happy relationship

Relaxation/honeymoon escasty


Typical of a very happy marriage

Every other day

Typical of harmonious marriage, especially in working couples

Once a week

Typical of marriage experiencing pressures of life

Twice a month

Typical of disharmonious marriage, especially life  in-between quarrels/storms

Once a month

Typical of marriage in co-existence—uninterested in each other

Once two-three months

Typical of a marriage in serious disharmony query unfaithfulness, adultery. 

Once every six months

Typical of a couple in virtual separation and marital breakdown

Once a year

Typical of total breakdown of marriage and virtual divorce




Top Ten Books

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Top Ten Books On Marriage 

          model marriage                     

1.) Model Marriage                                                                 2.) The Love She Desires & The Respect He Needs



3.) In Good Times & Bad                                                           4.) Fireproof 



5.) Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage    6.) The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts


7.) The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work                               8.) Intimate Allies



9.) Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts                                    10.) Getting Your Sex Life Off To a Great Start